Protecting all means of communication is of paramount importance in all sectors, be it public or private.

Gone are the days of privacy and security during the discussion of new ideas or reserved decisions because now, the risk of phone tapping or eavesdropping is now the norm rather than the exception. With the ever increasingly sophisticated threat in communications and without privacy protection, a project can lose all its intended advantages and benefits once it has been undermined and compromised.

SlingSecure, created in Kelowna, British Columbia, a dynamic company that collects international expertise and high level skills in a facility dedicated to the research and development of communication security. In a nutshell, SlingSecure offers the most advanced systems of the telephone protection in both voice and data encryption on the GSM mobile network. Its patented and originally designed technology, the Criptofonino ®, ensures maximum protection against any kind of wiretapping. SlingSecure’s mission is to protect people who buy encrypted phones against eavesdropping or phone tapping through its mobile phone encrypted interception and secure GSM technology, and it has succeeded in doing just that since its inception in 2003 as can be seen from the appreciation both by security experts and customers

So how did SlingSecure manage to get to the top of the secure GSM crypto mobile phones market in a relatively short amount of time?

  • Years of experience, customer insight, problem solving and technical innovation
  • Real world experience in the field of encryption technology.
  • Commitment to protect customers’ communications from interceptions and attacks.
  • SlingSecure is always in contact with the scientific community (through partnerships and agreements with the Turin Polytechnic University) therefore ensuring a constant upgrade of its skills and technologies.
  • Through the collaboration of its highly qualified professional team, SlingSecure is able to offer a whole range of solutions for communication privacy that can satisfy all the requirements of every individual client.

SlingSecure’s main product is the encrypted mobile phone, which protects your calls against eavesdropping by means of a powerful encryption in an easy to use mobile. Ciphered SMS messages are included in the secure GSM phone, as well as remote security commands. Several crypto mobile phone models are available in our catalogue to suit customer needs. If you want to learn more about our ciphered cellular phones, our encryption technology or purchase conditions, check the crypto phones FAQ section of this website or get in touch with us via email, telephone or from this site using the form.