A one-of-a-kind device for data protection and for sending encrypted e-mail for the following reasons:

  • The encryption for the protection is done entirely via hardware and not via the usual software you are running on your computer (in an unprotected environment).
  • The coding system is attack proof and saves the data on a removable MicroSD memory card.
  • The device comes in the form of a normal USB stick which can be inserted into any computer / OS (e.g. Windows XP, Vista, 7, GNU Linux, Apple MAC OS X) without requiring drivers thus leaving no trace of use or footprints.

Once inserted into the USB port of a PC, SLINGSECURE appears and works like a normal storage device for saving data. On running the Administrator program SLINGSECURE USB, you can enter the password of authentication that transforms the memory into an encrypted partition. After entering your password, a memory for storage can be seen in the PC peripherals; this can be used by any program to save data directly. Moving existing data into this encrypted memory will protect it.

SLINGSECURE USB can protect as many MicroSD cards as the user desires and has two levels of authentication; the first is the password to use SLINGSECURE USB and the second to access each MicroSD.

Other features include:

  • The capacity is virtually unlimited and grows with the various sizes of storage card available on the market.
  • You can switch from one encrypted card to another simply by substituting the memory and entering the password of each MicroSD.
  • You can format securely or reset to ZERO operating directly from the firmware SLINGSECURE USB.

SLINGSECURE USB is equipped with two applications:

  • The first one is used to set up the encrypted partition and manage security;
  • The second one is used to encrypt the files to send as attachments with e-mails.

SLINGSECURE USB is also available in the Professional / Government version which has a slot for inserting a smartcard, and then allows the use and transport of keys and priority / classified algorithms in maximum security. With the smartcard you can use the device to digitally sign documents or to authenticate.

SLINGSECURE USB can be customized if required or it can be provided with room to develop, which would allow the device to be integrated with other programs or to develop new features. The extended SLINGSECURE Libraries provide easy access to cryptographic functions in both hardware and software.

The USB SLINGSECURE supports plug-in form factor smartcards being therefore ready for use as a signature device within PKI infrastructure. Also the smartcard plug-in opens a number of opportunities. The extended SLINGSECURE Libraries allow exportation of smartcard functionalities for host-side applications. Additional encryption algorithms and functions, dynamic customizations of the USB SLINGSECURE are only some of the features the smartcard give access to. Furthermore the plug-in gives access to High Level HW and SW security (up to EAL5 CC).

Exportable internal cryptographic functions allow easy development of USB SLINGSECURE based Secure Applications. A complete set of libraries including HSL (Host Secure Libraries) and USL (USB SLINGSECURE Secure Libraries) make it easier the task of integrating and developing.

The USB SLINGSECURE can support a suite of applications and services, including Internet browsers and Password Managers. Flexibility and customization capability make the USB SLINGSECURE adapter the ideal platform for deploying secure virtual desktops and portable applications.


  • Capacity Supports microSD of all available capacity
  • Speed Up to 2MB per second read according to the used microSD card class
  • Up to 2MB per second write according to the used microSD card class
  • Dimensions 79mm X 19mm X 9mm
  • Weight 25 grams
  • Temperature Operating: 0 °C, +60 °C
  • Storage: -20 °C, +70 °C
  • Hardware USB 2.0 high speed
  • OS Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP2+,Windows Vista, , Windows 7
  • Macintosh OS X 10.4+, Linux 2.6+,
  • Any other operating system supporting mass storage devices
  • No drivers needed nor administrator/root access
  • Encryption AES256 used to encrypt microSD FAT and Data
  • DES/3DES with custom SBOX, used for authentication (HMAC)
  • RC4 used to cipher communication protocol between host and USB
  • SHA256 used for digest functions
  • Initial Vectors (IV) generated separately for each microSD sector
  • Internal physical random noise generator FIPS 140-2
  • Custom Algorithms and Functions
  • Tool Suite for custom algorithms and functions design