SMS messages are encrypted with AES 256 algorithm.

As well, with cipher keys that are either chosen by users or generated automatically during a secure GSM voice call. Other useful features include support for long encrypted anti spy SMS text messages, thus enabling users to write lengthy and ciphered SMS messages with thousands of characters. Users can also opt to receive traditional SMS message and store them in an encrypted secure archive on the SlingSecure or Easy SlingSecure secure phone with the clear SMS text secure storage, a recently added function.

Remote Command Function

Recently, a remote command function has been added to the SlingSecure and Easy SlingSecure software. This allowed the users to execute remote instructions on their secure mobile phones, such as wiping or cell phone GPS localization, but only after entering a secure secret password and only from an allowed phone number. The true power and potential of the whole system lies here: since all the remote control messages are encrypted SMS text messages, meaning these are impossible to decode as they are shielded against phone tapping or eavesdropping, even in the event of phone theft or loss the owner can:

  • Remotely wipe the whole content of the crypto phone and storage card so as to not compromise any sensitive information
  • Locate the mobile from the coordinates shown on a map on the screen of another SlingSecure or Easy SlingSecure device which has been formerly allowed by the owner of the lost or stolen phone.
  • For remote mobile GPS location to be possible, GPS compatible devices are required.