SlingSecure have produced SMS SLINGSLING, the software that provides total privacy and security of SMS text messages.

How does SMS SLINGSECURE work?

  • SMS SLINGSECURE allows the user to send and receive encrypted text messages via a mobile phone in total security.
  • As your SMS travels through the Telecommunication network, the message remains encrypted, and it can only be read on the other end by the receiver’s mobile after being deciphered by typing in the corresponding password.
  • This software ensures that the text cannot be intercepted or read by anyone except by the intended recipient.
  • If anyone intercepts it and attempts to decipher it with an incorrect password, all they’ll see are meaningless characters and symbols.
  • With SMS SLINGSECURE, you can be sure unauthorized or unwanted people will not be able to access and read your messages.

SMS SLINGSECURE also allows its user to encrypt phonebook entries individually to ensure your contacts are safe and secret. Each contact has a distinct secret key which is chosen by the user or automatically generated.

Another unique and highly useful feature is the possibility to encrypt traditional messages received from normal mobile phones before saving them to storage. These messages have travelled unprotected through the network (as the sender’s mobile was unable to encrypt it) but when it is received SMS SLINGSECURE can encrypt and remove it from the normal inbox and store them in the encrypted storage. To read the message again the SMS SLINGSECURE password with have to be used.

If the mobile is stolen and the SIM card is changed SMS SLINGSECURE will automatically transmit the new SIM card number and its GPS location to a pre-set number.


  • AES 256 bit, SHA2, RDNG and DH algorithms FlPS compliant;
  • Keys 256 bit long directly inserted by user;
  • SMS encryption key automatically generated per-user with Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman 571 bit during crypto calls;
  • Encrypted PhoneBook and Encrypted Groups;
  • Remote localization and wipe of the device in case of theft or SIM card unauthorized replacement;
  • Encryption of clear SMS messages received from crypto contacts.