SlingSecure WINDOWS MOBILE can be used on the following HTC Windows Mobile phones: Viva, S710, S620, P3470, P4350, P3300, Touch.

Originally conceived for the military and government sector, the crypto phone SlingSecure can now be used by people and companies who want to have full control over encryption keys and algorithms employed during the encrypted phone calls. SlingSecure enables the user to insert manually the encryption keys employed to cipher the phone calls.

How does the encryption work?

  • Keys are stored in a secure encrypted repository, and can be employed in conjunction with the Diffie- Hellman generation protocol, thus increasing the robustness of the whole process.
  • Furthermore, customers can make use of a centralized key management and distribution system (KMS) which can update at the same time the keys of whole groups of encrypted mobile phones, via SM or cable connection.
  • Customers are given instruments to customize autonomously the algorithm with which phone calls are encrypted.
  • The algorithm will be kept classified and known only to the user in charge of the customization.
  • Included with the SlingSecure mobile crypto phone is the SMS SlingSecure feature, which enables the user to send and receive encrypted SMS text messages.
  • Additional features of the SMS SlingSecure are the secure storage for SMS messages, the GPS location of the device, the remote wiping of data on the device and the notification to owner in case of unauthorized SIM change.