What is SLINGSECURE Secure Communication Server (SCS)?

  • ServerSLINGSECURE SCS is the server that routes connections between SLINGSECURE 3G devices.
  • The server simply acts as a bridge, since all encryption is performed end-to-end by the SLINGSECURE devices.
  • All the data passing through the server are encrypted: SLINGSECURE SCS connects the devices, making them accessible to each other all over the world, even when using different networks or providers.
  • The server was developed by SlingSecure to maximize safety and performance.
  • SLINGSECURE SCS uses Linux OS in order to guarantee complete control over all processes and achieve maximum stability and performance.
  • SLINGSECURE SCS comes already installed in powerful custom-built SlingSecure hardware and full protected by SLINGSECURE Secure Token.

Features and benefits of SLINGSECURE Communication Server (SCS):

  • The hardware is designed to support up to 1000 simultaneous encrypted communications.
  • The administration is very simple and is done through a web interface through which you can see which clients are connected and which voice communications are encrypted.
  • No eavesdropping is possible, not even on the server itself, because the traffic is encrypted end-to-end directly from the devices.
  • A new client can easily be added by setting the user ID, the password for authentication and the IMEI phone code assigned to the user. As such, SLINGSECURE SCS features allow the administrator to cancel and add new users very easily.
  • All the communications between client and server are encrypted during the process of reporting (i.e. the process by which the devices find and reach each other).
  • SLINGSECURE VOIP protocol is not based upon SIP standard, thus it is not recognizable as a VOIP communication.

A proprietary VOIP signaling protocol is used to set up the connection between two devices:

  • The proprietary protocol is secure against attacks (e.g. the famous reply attack) and IP interception, as the data sent through the channel are not clear but encryption and hashing makes it unintelligible.
  • SLINGSECURE SCS can be used in combination with the KMS SLINGSECURE for remote updating of encryption keys in user mobiles.
  • Keeping separate key management and VOIP server ensures that security can never be compromised by any external attack.

Secure communication

Customers who host the SLINGSECURE server inside their IT infrastructure can get total control over the whole encrypted network. In this way, such customers become completely independent from SlingSecure infrastructure and place the server in the best geographical localization in order to maximize speed and performance.