It is a known fact that with the advent of smartphones whose functions mimic those of computers, this same technology and advancement also makes them vulnerable to hackers.

So much so that some hackers can just dial your number and from their remote location they can access your calls and text messages. It gets worse: since mobile phones are often loaded with personal information, everything that you do on your mobile handset, from taking pictures to logging in to your emails accounts as well as your online bank accounts will be in a hacker’s reach if you are unprotected. As terrifying and far-fetched as it seems, this threat and vulnerability gave birth to technologies that help build up your phone’s defenses against hackers.

Enter the Crypto Phone, SlingSecure’s latest encrypted GSM mobile phone SLINGSECURE technology for the protection of all voice and SMS communications. This cutting edge technology, which is now available on high end and new phones, benefits from a new audio engine that ensures complete absence of echo and provides the best voice quality compared to a traditional phone call. Security is guaranteed and made possible by the best public encryption algorithm, ASE256, with symmetric 256 bit keys. With this, your phone will no longer be vulnerable to security flaws in wireless devices, and you can be sure your phone and your personal data is not breached, infiltrated, or compromised.