SlingSecure developed the first secure mobile on a Linux Operating System.

Our system is completely reviewed in all its components to guarantee the maximum security against every kind of eavesdropping or tampering.

Features and advantages of the SLINGSECURE Phone:

  • The SLINGSECURE phone is conceived to make and receive only crypto communications: voice and SMS messages are encrypted end-to-end, thus impossible to intercept.
  • There is no way to modify or corrupt the integrity of the phone by means of viruses, trojans or spy software.
  • The phone is completely locked so as not to allow any connection to internet or to the PC for synchronization purposes.
  • Nobody will be able to steal your contacts or private encryption keys employed for secure communications.
  • SMS messages sent from this phone cannot be decoded by anyone except you or your partner.

How do you know your communication is secured?

  • In order to engage a secure communication, both parties involved in the conversation must use a SlingSecure phone, because the voice is encrypted and sent trough the CSD data channel of the standard GSM network to the other phone that decodes and plays the voice in real time.
  • When the phone is ringing it means that a secure call is being received and you can talk in confidence and complete security.
  • The security of the communication is set at the highest level. The encryption is made with AES 256 and the keys are generated with Elliptic Curve Diffie Hellman 571 bit protocol. Keys are generated at the beginning of each call and destroyed as soon as the call ends.
  • Aside from dynamic keys generated during each call, users can set the phone to encrypt conversations with pre-shared keys directly keyed in and mixed by the software with the dynamic key. This process takes the benefit of Diffie-Hellman and generates different encryption keys for each call, but with the additional authentication provided by the pre-shared key.
  • SMS messages are encrypted with a password generated automatically during the first crypto call with the contact and assigned to it in the crypto phonebook. Because of this, users no longer have to to think about encryption passwords; all they have to do is type the text and the phone will do it all automatically.

The phone can be used all over the world because it is GSM quad band 850/900/1800/1900 and it has a powerful hardware that permits the encoding and encryption of the voice with high quality.