SlingSecure 3G WINDOWS MOBILE is available for the following HTC mobile phone models: S740, S521 Snap, Diamond2, HD, HD2, HD mini, Touch Pro2, Touch 3G, Touch2.

The Secure GSM Crypto Phone developed by SlingSecure, designed for the protection of mobile communications, evolved towards an advanced version which encrypts voice and data transmissions over all the following telecommunications networks: GSM, EDGE, GPRS, CDMA, UMTS, HSDPA, 3G, Wi-Fi, and Satellite.

With the brand new crypto phone you can protect your privacy from any kind of interception. The only requirement for two phones to be able to communicate in a secure manner is that both should have the SlingSecure ® in them.

How does the protection of the conversation take place?

  • This al happens via an end-to-end encryption
  • Everything that is sent from a mobile is encrypted and can only be decoded on the other phone.
  • The whole process takes place in a quick, simple and intuitive way.
  • The technology of the secure phone allows you to maintain the anonymity of the call, because it is not a phone connection, but an internet connection.
  • The encrypted mobile call is not explicitly recorded like a call to a phone number, but the connection to a server.
  • Two encrypted mobile phones connect with each other through a server that only serves as a link.
  • The encryption of the call occurs in the two phones, including a hypothetical attack on the server does not achieve all that other interception of a stream of encrypted data is not intelligible.
  • SlingSecure has developed its own VOIP protocol to provide the best performance and a high level of security on the network.

In case a customer has only need of a limited number of phones, the SlingSecure server can be used, which will manage the interconnection of users paying a monthly fee. For a customer with scores of phones, buying the solution offered by SlingSecure ® Server provides total control of the communication over a broader network as well as complete autonomy of management of the network.

The Crypto Phone can also use the free Wi-Fi connectivity of the office, home or a public hotspot. Many operators and providers offer flat rates for internet browsing with the phone and then the encrypted phone calls will be included. The secure GSM phone combines the extreme ease of use (which makes it usable by anyone), as well as all the safety precautions required by the demands of military use: the dual system of management keys, the ability to customize the algorithm, and compatibility with the Key Management System for the distribution of the keys remotely.

To be able to communicate with another user connected to the same server, the user should only have your number / username in order to ensure their anonymity and preserve their privacy. To provide the best voice and call quality, SlingSecure ® also designed an audio coding system that continuously adapts to the characteristics of the network you are connected. The system automatically adjusts the audio encoding type of network (WIFI / UMTS / EDGE / GPRS) to ensure the best quality voice / delay. The transition from a 3G UMTS network to a 2G GPRS / EDGE is handled automatically to eliminate service interruptions of the telephone network.