SlingSecure 3G SYMBIAN is available for the following Nokia: C5, E5, E51, E52, E55, E63, E66, E71, E72, E75, E90 Communicator, N78, N81, 6210.

SlingSecure presents the brand new SlingSecure ® 3G VoIP solution for Nokia phones, designed for the protection in mobile communications. SlingSecure represents the finest solution to encrypt voice and data transmissions over telecommunications networks such as GSM, EDGE, GPRS, WCDMA, UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, Wi-Fi, and Satellite.

How does SlingSecure 3G work?

  • By employing SlingSecure ® 3G devices, users can protect their privacy from any kind of interception.
  • Two partners can communicate securely so long as they both employ SlingSecure ® 3G phones.
  • The protection of the conversation takes place via an end-to-end encryption, which means that every signal sent from a mobile phone gets encrypted on board and then sent to the other phone, which in turn decrypts on board and vice versa.
  • The whole procedure takes place in a quick, simple and intuitive way. The bandwidth offered by new mobile networks can provide an excellent quality of voice, equal to a normal phone call.
  • SlingSecure ® VoIP technology enables users to preserve the anonymity of the call, since it is not built over switched phone lines, but over Internet IP packet connections.
  • As such, crypto call endpoints are not logged in the same way as calls between two mobile/landline phones: the connection results issued to a remote and anonymous server.
  • Two SlingSecure ® 3G phones connect to each other through a server that only acts as a transparent link: the encryption of the call occurs exclusively on board of the two phones.

SlingSecure has developed its own VoIP protocol to provide the best performance and grant the highest level of security over IP networks. For customers who only plan to use a few phones, they will find it easier to use one of SlingSecure own VoIP servers, which are devised for managing the interconnection of registered users against a monthly fee. For customers who plan to use a wider network of devices while still maintaining total control of the communication management and flow, purchasing their own SlingSecure ® VoIP server allows for a complete autonomy of management of the encrypted IP network.

Other than mobile networks, SlingSecure ® 3G can also make use of Wi-Fi connectivity, currently quite common in offices, homes or public hot-spots. In such scenarios, data transfer fees are usually free or cheaper than mobile internet connections. Keep in mind though that nowadays mobile network operators offer flat rates for Internet connections with the phone and then encrypted phone calls are included in the exchanged traffic.

SlingSecure ® 3G combines the extreme ease of use, which makes it usable by anyone, with all the military grade security features:

  • The dual system of encryption key agreement (shared and automatic),
  • The opportunity to customize the algorithm, and
  • Compatibility with the Key Management System for the remote key distribution and management.
  • In order to communicate with users connected to the same server, customers only need to know the receiving assigned number or username, thus preserving anonymity and privacy.

To provide the best call quality possible, the new audio coding system was designed to continuously adapt to the characteristics and constraints of the network the phone is connected to. The system automatically adjusts audio encoding in accordance to the type of network (WIFI / UMTS / EDGE / GPRS), thus ensuring the best quality of voice and lowest delay. Following this principle, the dynamic transition from a fast 3G UMTS network to a slower a 2G GPRS/EDGE during a call is handled automatically through algorithms that seamlessly maintain a low delay and a regular data flow.