SlingSecure presents the brand new SlingSecure ® 3G VoIP solution for BlackBerry phones, designed for the protection in mobile communications.

SlingSecure represents the finest solution to encrypt voice and data transmissions over telecommunications networks such as GSM, EDGE, GPRS, WCDMA, UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, Wi-Fi, and Satellite.

How does SlingSecure ® VoIP technology work?

  • SlingSecure ® VoIP technology enables users to preserve the anonymity of the call, since it is not built over switched phone lines, but over Internet IP packet connections.
  • Crypto call endpoints are not logged in the same way as calls between two mobile/landline phones: the connection results issued to a remote and anonymous server.
  • Aside from using mobile networks, SlingSecure ® 3G for BlackBerry can also make use of Wi-Fi connectivity, which is currently available in many places such as offices, homes or public hot-spots.
  • In such scenarios, data transfer fees are usually free or cheaper than mobile internet connections; mobile network providers offer flat rates for Internet connections with the phone and then encrypted phone calls are included in the exchanged traffic.
  • Our Crypto Phone can also switch seamlessly from Wi-Fi to 3G and vice versa, without closing the ongoing call.