3G technology involves the use of all kind of internet connection available to the phone.

With the UMTS technology it is possible to take advantage of the broadband capabilities of new networks and having a voice encoding quality higher than 2G while keeping the delay as low as possible.

Using an internet connection involves the use of a server that acts as a switch between the users. The call is no more routed by operator between voice and data number, it is no more necessary to ask for any service activation/number but only the normal internet connection is needed. The encrypted voice connections between users are made possible through the use of SlingSecure Server that blindly routes the encrypted data without any elaboration or manipulation. The communication is always encrypted end-to-end straight from user to user. SlingSecure has developed a proprietary VoIP protocol not compatible with SIP or any other industry standard because of the need of a fast, light, secure and efficient protocol designed to be used in mobility and in NATted networks. With this approach, the communication is not easily identified so it can bypass filters in networks that do not allow SIP connections.

SlingSecure 3G can indifferently use mobile network like UMTS or WIFI, in this way it is possible to use freely the connectivity available in office/home/airport/public hotspot . The communication can start with WIFI and pass automatically to the mobile network as soon as the user is out of the WIFI range without interrupting the conversation. The protocol was designed for mobility so the codec adapts dynamically the voice coding quality to the bandwidth available. This means that on GPRS/EDGE connections, the quality will be a little lower but still sufficient to have good clearness. The delay and the jitter vary dynamically depending on the performances of the network for having the best tradeoff between delay and quality. Best performances are available under UMTS or WIFI coverage so 3G technology is recommended to customers that uses the SlingSecure devices mainly in big cities (with good UMTS coverage) or in office/home or for international/intercontinental connections because of better performances/quality/usability/cost efficiency.

SlingSecure 3G important feature is the complete anonymity of the connection between users because endpoints cannot be traced from the bill of the operator. What can be gathered from the operator receipt or detailed phone bill is simply the connection to an internet server. One additional benefit is that customers – with the aid of technical aids – can test the strength of the encrypted stream and check that is really secure without the need for special instruments for the interception of the stream.