A Complete Solution for a Secure Voice-Calling Network

In partnership with COMPUMATICA Secure Networks, SlingSecure offers a portfolio of solutions for protecting all complex communication connections within an organization. Our products do not have any backdoors or duplicate keys and the management and configuration of the security remains in the sole hands of our customers. Both state-of-the-art technologies – VPN and IPsec – are supported.


  • VPNThe CryptoGuard VPN series protect your network flexibly, effectively and economically.
  • The Black Boxes secure your communication on the IP or MAC level in local networks (10/100 Mbps or Gbps Ethernet) and in LAN couplings over WANs.
  • They are multi-functional and provide encryption, packet filtering and management rights using access lists as well as daily logbook facility.


  • ServerThe CompuWall is a firewall for all types of networks that is based on the highest security level for firewall architectures: the Application Gateway principle.
  • The CompuWall provides a top security standard with optimized performance and it is user-friendly as it can be managed without broad knowledge of network security.
  • SSL connections can be opened optionally in order to check them for viruses and damaging codes.
  • The CompuWall software is 100 percent based on the CryptoBastion software, and it is equipped with antivirus software (CLAM AV) and harmful-content check.


  • Key ManagementCompuMail Gateway, the most recent product developed specifically for the protection of e-mail communication, is a software application that is centrally integrated into the SMTP chain.
  • All incoming and outgoing e-mails are encrypted and decrypted by means of rules, emails are signed and the signatures are checked automatically.
  • E-mail traffic protected by CompuMail Gateway is not only a protection from industrial espionage but also the protection of individual data and adherence of the laws and policies for internal security.
  • All current standards for e-mail security are supported.