This single device is compatible to work with all the levels of communication from GSM, UMTS, Ethernet, PSTN and BLUETOOTH.

SLINGSECURE SCG is a cipher hardware device that is designed specifically to make secure communication between SlingSecure mobile phones and normal landline or desktop phones possible. All the encryption and encoding peripherals are designed to guarantee the most flexible, secure and powerful device.

Using the encryptor could not be any easier. All the user has to do is input the SLINGSECUE SCG between your phone and the communication line. After this, every time you dial a number with a special prefix, the call is automatically encrypted and sent to the SlingSecure device of the receiver.

To make SLINGSECURE SCG unique, allowing users to communicate securely with any SLINGSECURE device, different technologies and features are integrated into one device:

  • Encrypted communication over PSTN (fixed line traditional analogue)
  • VOIP communication through encrypted Ethernet connection to the Internet
  • Encrypted communication on line CSD, and
  • GSM VOIP communication encrypted Internet connection on UMTS.

In the scheme below is possible to imagine the potentiality of communication of the SLINGSECURE SCG.

Secure Landine

SLINGSECURE Secure Communication Gateway

Slingsecure Voice Gateway

SLINGSECURE SCG enables secure communications through the fixed network PSTN or IP communication over Ethernet. The cryptographic functions are implemented into tamper-proof hardware. The encryption algorithm is AES 256-bit, but can be edited and modified under specific request. Encryption keys are managed in different ways depending on customers’ needs. Elliptic curve Diffie Hellman protocol can generate a key for each call (which is destroyed at the end of the communication), or a pre-shared key system can be used which is ideal for managing groups of users in a hierarchical fashion.