As with all SLINGSECURE solutions, utmost security is the prime objective.

SlingSecure presents the best solution for centralized management of a network of encrypted mobiles: 

SMS Encryption

SLINGSECURE ® Key Management System (KMS). When you have an encrypted network communication device, encryption keys must be generated and distributed to the various participants of the secure network. These keys should be changed at least once a month for security reasons. They can be modified by hand on each device but this can be rather inconvenient when it comes to updating several devices, potentially displaced in the territory or abroad.

How does SLINGSECURE KMS® work?

  • Supplied on a modern and practical laptop with a smartcard access control, SLINGSECURE KMS® enables an easy and fast distribution of the encryption keys to the SLINGSECURE devices.
  • The regular updates can be performed either by direct laptop connection via USB cable or by automatically sending an encrypted SMS which, in a few minutes, can update keys of dozens of devices scattered throughout the territory.
  • The entire central repository of keys is kept encrypted and updates are also sent encrypted through symmetrical algorithms.
  • Data on the laptop is encrypted and protected by the smartcard which must be kept in a safe place exclusively by the staff in charge of the procedure.
  • On request the user can utilize a proprietary algorithm to encrypt the keys repository and those sent to local or remote users.

A hardware random number generator, EAL5+ security certification, can be integrated into the system upon request. The keys are generated randomly and only the system administrator can view them. Users can not get access to the encryption keys except through their hash values, thus reducing the risk of compromised keys.