The CompuWall

An application-level firewall with web management, specially designed for the protection of sensitive networks. CompuWall ensures passage of several network segments by physically separating the networks.


Advantages of CompuWall:

The CompuWall is a firewall without limitation of the amount of users behind the CompuWall.
The maximum throughput depends on the hardware platform used, meaning the client can decide according to his needs to use a standard computer for a small network up to a big server for hundreds of Mbps of throughput. 

The CompuWall combines a high security standard with high performance.
It is suitable for small to mid-sized organizations, but also for the network transitions within larger organizations where parts of the infrastructure must be protected regardless of the central IT infrastructure.

The management interface can be intuitively used by the administrator, simplifying the first orientation and configuration of CompuWall.
The CompuWall can be operated quickly and without profound knowledge of all details of network security.

Configurable proxies are available for HTTP(S), FTP, Telnet, (E)SMTP, NNTP, POP3, Net8 and RTSP of users through mobile phones.
CompuWall features the special option of authenticating the user via mobile phones.

Configuration errors are virtually impossible “All that is not explicitly allowed is generally forbidden.”

CompuWall unique feature is the ability to open SSL connections, an integrated solution for protection against viruses and malicious code within the data stream HTTPS. It depends on the security policy of the customer whether they use this option or not.
More and more we see that companies want to use an All-in-One Solution in securing their Internet connection. Although SlingSecure recommend separate systems for different tasks in high-end networks, we have developed an “on-demand” anti-virus and a content filtering in CompuWall. The standard implementation provides software free Clam-AV. Other features can be explored and developed upon request.