Every organization, big or small, relies largely on email communication in getting their message across.

Since confidential data is passed to different partners every day without taking any protective action for this information, communication via e-mail represents a very real and serious security problem for every organization. By encrypting your e-mail traffic with CompuMail Gateway this security gap can now be easily and efficiently be closed.


CompuMail Gateway is a software application that is centrally integrated into the SMTP chain. All incoming and outgoing e-mails are encrypted and decrypted by means of rules, e-mails are signed and the signatures are controlled.

The application of CompuMail Gateway offers many advantages for your entire e-mail communication:

  • Protection against industrial espionage
  • Protection of personal data in e-mails
  • Ensuring of know-how and integrity
  • Complies with laws and internal security policies
  • Many advantages of the central e-mail communication protection compared to conventional e-mail protection at the client:
  • No additional employee training necessary
  • No need for control of the security application by employees themselves
  • Realization of the internal security rules takes place centrally by means of a comprehensive and flexible system of rules
  • Simple integration and administration
  • Transparency for the sender by means of automatic en-/decryption of outgoing/incoming e-mails
  • Eliminating the "human factor"
  • Support of the current standards for e-mail security
  • PDF mail ensures secured connection of external
  • communication partners without security infrastructure
  • Simplified enforcement of the internal security policy by means of integration of information out of directory services (e.g. Microsoft ActiveDirectory) into the system of rules
  • Content based protection of e-mails by means of simple connection to Data Leakage Prevention (DLP/ILP) systems

CompuMail Gateway is appropriate for small installations as well as for redundant scenarios and organization wide application in cluster mode. Sender and receiver may communicate via e-mail as usual; CompuMail Gateway guarantees the confidentiality of the contents.

For the en- and decryption of e-mails as well as the digital signature CompuMail Gateway utilizes the established internet standards S/MIME and OpenPGP:

  • By employing PDF mail the connection of external communication partners may be realized in secure way.
  • Without any personal security infrastructure in doing so CompuMail Gateway automatically encapsulates an e-mail including the attachments into an encrypted PDF document.
  • The encrypted PDF document is sent in an e-mail to the addressee(s); thus, all confidential information is transferred in a secured way.
  • The receiver only needs a conventional PDF reader and the corresponding password to encrypt the PDF document and to be able to read the confidential content of the e-mail.
  • The attachments contained in the PDF document remain in the original data format (e.g. .doc, .xls, .ppt) and may be extracted and changed.
  • The receiver may answer the e-mail afterwards in encrypted way via the integrated response function as well as enclosing attachments to his reply.