What are the advantages of the SlingSecure Phone?

  • Encrypting mobile phones with SlingSecure do not require expert programming knowledge and/or complicated settings.
  • Encryption keys are easy to configure directly by the user, thus ensuring total privacy.
  • The AES algorithm 256, with the use of symmetric keys, ensures the best protection against any kind of interception or eavesdropping for those who use the Criptofonino.

How Does it Work?

The top level product derived from military and government requirements, the crypto phone SlingSecure, provides several ways of generating the anti spy encryption key that is used during the conversation:

  • Diffie-Hellman protocol 4096 bit (or Elliptic Curves Diffie Hellman, according to user preference) provides a session key, and
  • Symmetric key set by the user on the device
  • A different encryption key for each call is produced.
  • Users can employ different combinations of Diffie-Hellman and shared keys thus protecting the phone against any interceptions on the network.
  • Diffie-Hellman key can be used without prior sharing of a common key, thus enabling phone calls between encrypted cellphones which do not share common encryption keys.
  • When Diffie-Hellman is employed (both alone and in combination with symmetric shared user keys), the final key will be automatically deleted at the end of the call.
  • User keys can be stored in a secure, password-protected repository.
  • To further enhance and ensure secrecy in case of theft of the device or the possibility of comparing two keys on different devices for compatibility, such keys are displayed on the screen in hash format.

What is Easy SlingSecure?

The simplified version of the secure GSM phone SlingSecure, known as Easy SlingSecure, offers the same level of security as the enhanced version, but it has fewer options so as to bring encrypted phone calls to the masses. Such features of Easy V include:

  • It can be employed by inexperienced users because there is no need to configure user keys or mess with advanced settings.
  • A quick key exchange algorithm (ECDH, or Elliptic Curves Diffie-Hellman) is employed to automatically generate the cipher key without user intervention on the crypto phone.
  • Just like its military grade counterpart, its cipher key is destroyed at the end of each call for privacy and security reasons.
  • The strong AES256 algorithm is employed for voice and SMS encryption, offering the best security level while keeping the application user-friendly.