SlingSecure, World leaders in Voice Encryption!

Keep both private and sensitive information safe with SlingSecure!

  • Hardware application provides end-to-end encryption
  • Government-grade encryption
  • Landline to Mobile or Mobile to Mobile Encryption
  • Global Coverage 200+ Countries

Designed for your Smartphone

The World's Best in Voice Encryption

What is SlingSecure?

SlingSecure encryption enables you to securely communicate between the world's most popular mobile devices (Android™, BlackBerry® and Nokia®) and landline phones (PSTN or VoIP). By providing government-grade security in an easy-to-use application which makes secure calling as simple as making a normal call on one device.


The advantages of using SlingSecure Mobile Voice Encryption:

  • Military and Government grade security.
  • Fast & Easy deployment.
  • Special MicroSD that contains a Smartcard Chip, and can be easily moved from one phone to another.
  • SMS text messages are encrypted using the AES256 algorithm with keys generated by the Diffie-Hellman protocol.
  • Worldwide network support GSM/UMTS/Wi-Fi/Sat network were available.
  • Tamper-proof module for secure storage of keys, algorithms & contacts.

The advantages for using SlingSecure PSTN or VoIP (Landline) Encryption:

  • Secure communication between SlingSecure mobile phones & landlines.
  • Secure random number generator.
  • AES256 algorithm.
  • Diffie-Hellman Elliptic Protocol with elliptic curves.
  • Landline-to-mobile or landline-to-landline encryption.

Advantages of using SlingSecure USB Data Encryption:

  • Unique security adapter for microSD cards.
  • AES256, DES/3DES with custom SBOX (HMAC).
  • Initial Vectors (IV) generated separately for each microSD sector.
  • Custom Algorithms & Functions.
  • Hardware Encryption.
  • Driverless use on every PC/MAC.